Welcome to Heroes Unite Ireland

Heroes Unite Ireland is an all-volunteer costuming group, with movie accurate costumes. We work with other groups to help raise awareness for charities as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity throughout Ireland.

Heroes Unite Ireland Updates

Things kicked off at DCC when the others realised Judge McKnight had eaten the last bag of jellybeans! Photo credit: Shane Murphy

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Our UNIT trooper is keen for a role in the next Wonder Woman film. Look, he’s even got his own gauntlets!!

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Bane’s cunning plan to distract our heroes has worked. Well they are rather good at striking a pose!

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“Ahh, spider!!” What a wimp you are, Deadpool. Photo credit: Shane Murphy

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“Look into my eyes, not around the eyes. And, boom, you’re under. Now go tell everyone I’m better than Batman!!”

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Ssh, sneak peak of next week’s episode!

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Our lads have the post con blues. Roll on the next troop! Photo credit: Shane Murphy

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We do love our costumes in HUI but not as much as we love our crew. Without them, we’d be standing half kitted out in the changing room, or falling..

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